Even though my travel schedule is fully booked for now, I am happy to set up a Skype visit with a class. I’ve found these sessions to be a fun, informative way for readers to meet the author and for me to chat with my readers. The students can see me in my home office, can view the skyline through my window, and I’m free to show them photographs and images at the spur of the moment depending on the questions they ask.

The practical details: The school should have a good video connection. Students must have read my work and should be fully prepared to ask me questions about my books and my life as a writer. I always schedule an earlier practice session with the teacher and/or tech specialist so that we can be sure that all equipment is in working order. For large groups, it’s best to use a stationary microphone that is easy for the students to access. Projecting my image on a screen that all the students can see easily helps make for a successful interview.

The fee for a Skype visit is $400 for a hour session, payment in advance of the practice session.

The responses:

” I can’t even express in words how truly amazing the day was.  Your Skype session was awesome- I know you couldn’t see the whole audience but almost a quarter of them had their hands up. The girls were especially touched by the Addie updates.”

Marie Doench, Middle School Teacher,  New Jersey

“Thank you so much for providing my students with an experience they will always remember. You were so kind and gracious with the equipment problems and went above and beyond with your discussion. They have shared your conversation and what they learned from you both about the novel and writing itself.”

Wendy Fisher, 7th Grade Teacher, Pennsylvania

“The children have told me over and over how much they enjoyed seeing you and listening to you as well as asking you questions.”

Beth Smithson, Art Teacher, North Carolina

To book a Skype visit, please contact the author at