Lucy and Henry Are Twins

Illustrated by Jane Massey, Two Lions, 2015

A day of fun with Lucy and Henry. Delightful illustrations and simple, rhythmic text combine to make a wonderful first book about twins.

“Short, rhyming phrases combined with bright, toddler-friendly illustrations perfectly capture the bond of twins Lucy and Henry. They move through their morning together, but it’s Read More…

Maia and the Monster Baby

Illustrated by Amanda Haley, Holiday House, 2012

Maia and her best friend, who happens to be a monster, are both becoming big sisters. This is NOT good news! A warm and funny story about friendship, family, and new siblings.

“Maia rocks, tickles, and reads to Monster’s baby sister, while Monster does somersaults and makes goofy Read More…


Illustrated by Ronald Himler Harper and Row, 1972 Molly and Willie turn their bunk beds into a ship of adventure and excitement. “The power of imagination is illustrated brightly in this inventive story and its pictures.” – Publisher’s Weekly


Illustrated by Denise Saldutti, Harper and Row, 1980 Eliza finally gets the chance to prove that she can be trusted around her new baby brother. “…the story has built in appeal…” – School Library Journal


Illustrated by Emily McCully, Holiday House 1976 Sister and brother argue over blocks, until they realize that a taller, more impressive castle will come from cooperation. “…amusingly told and a lesson in sharing.” – Publishers Weekly


Illustrated by Barbara McClintock, Holiday House, 1977 Otto sneers at his sister’s garbage eating habits, but depends on her in the dark. Through the rumbling of their respective stomachs, each comes to understand the other. “…(Winthrop) puts her sense of fun to work in (this) story ….”- Publisher’s Weekly


Illustrated by Donna Diamond, Harper and Row, 1979 The story of a little girl who tries everything she can think of to make her mother happy, finally succeeding with the simplest of gestures. “…quiet and poignant, an understated portrayal of intimate mother-child sharing.” – ALA Booklist


Illustrated by Ellen Weiss Holiday House, 1991 When Elizabeth’s mother asks her to stop making so much noise, Elizabeth decides to teach her mother a lesson. “…Preschoolers and their parents will identify with the characters and the situation.” – School Library Journal


Illustrated by Marylin Hafner Dutton, 1983 Junior Literary Guild, 1983 British edition, 1988 Dutton paperback, 1991 Katharine and Molly argue over Charlotte, a new doll, but after some lonely hours, the girls decide that dolls can be best friends. “Winthrop’s … innovative touch holds the reader’s interest in the tense doings.” – Publisher’s Weekly


Illustrated by Lillian Hoban Dutton, 1984 Junior Literary Guild, 1984 British edition, 1988 Eddie is afraid he will be teased for having a dollhouse until he realizes that he can share it and still be tough in the eyes of his friends. “An endearing story with a subtle meaning that alert children won’t miss.” – Read More…