Winner of The Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award and The California Young Readers Medal.

Ten year old William can’t wait to play with the mysterious castle his housekeeper, Mrs. Phillips, has given him. For years she has been telling him about the old stone and wood model with its drawbridge, moat and the finger-high knight to guard the gates. And now it is his.
But when William learns that Mrs. Phillips is going back to England to live with her brother, he vows to find a way to keep Mrs. Phillips with him forever. And when he breaks the spell cast on the tiny silver knight, he suddenly knows how to do it.

But William’s big idea turns out to be the worst mistake of his life!

This is an enthralling story of magic and fantasy, which weaves the everyday problems of growing up into the age-old battle between good and evil. William’s quest takes him on a journey to a land where he must fight a ferocious dragon, a wicked wizard and worst of all, the darkness within himself.

“A satisfying quest fantasy with a strong element of modern realism which will appeal to a wide range of readers.” -School Library Journal

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Holiday House, 1985
Junior Literary Guild, 1985
Bantam Skylark edition, 1986
Irish Edition, 1992
Winner of the 1987 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award and the 1989 California Young Reader Award
Unabridged Audio Book, Listening Library, 1996
(ALA Notable Recording)
An enthralling story of magic and adventure which weaves the everyday problems of growing up into the age-old battle between good and evil.
“An absorbing fantasy…suspense and colorful details make the story special.” – Publishers Weekly

ISBN: 0823405796
Audio ISBN: 0807277878

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  1. Mr Night (Knight) :

    Why are there no websites dedicated to this book? You’d think with such a successful book people would make websites with fanfiction to bring more awareness of this book.

  2. Morgan,Xanthia,Abby Avery grace :

    We were just browsing your page and we noticed Island Justice. Would you recommend it? Also we are writing a 5 paragraph paper for our teacher. Do you have any tips for us? We are all so thrilled to be talking to you! Talk to you later!

    Your biggest fans

  3. Morgan,Xanthia,Abby Avery grace :

    Thank you for responding. We’re so happy you replied we shared it with the entire class! Also thank you for recommending those books we will be searching for them everywhere!We almost dropped the iPad we were so exited.Thank you thank you thank you so very much.

  4. Morgan,Xanthia,Abby :

    Would you please write another book? We LOVE them! There is nothing like your books! Do you think you could write a biography series?

    Your biggest fans!

    • How lovely to have such avid fans… Have you read COUNTING ON GRACE? and THE RED HOT RATTOONS? I’m writing as fast as I can, I promise:)


  5. Morgan ,Avery, Xanthia,Grace, Abby,and Brandon :

    We are a group of a kids from Geneseo ,IL. We are in fourth grade.We read your book Castle in the Attic for school. We thought it was the best book we’ve ever read! It was so good we thought we were going to faint.Sorry for the other comment we were getting grabby with the iPad. We craved that book.We liked the adventure in the dark forest.

    • Kennedy, Heather, Zainab, and Makeala :

      I was in a book cub with 3 other girls and we read this book and it was amazing all the details, FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      from one of the girls in New Jersey, Princeton Junction

  6. There’s a wonderful new teacher’s guide out for THE CASTLE IN THE ATTIC. Check it out at this link: