twinscoverIllustrated by Jane Massey,
Two Lions, 2015

A day of fun with Lucy and Henry. Delightful illustrations and simple, rhythmic text combine to make a wonderful first book about twins.

“Short, rhyming phrases combined with bright, toddler-friendly illustrations perfectly capture the bond of twins Lucy and Henry. They move through their morning together, but it’s clear that they are individuals… shown through the innocent playfulness of young siblings enjoying a day at the park together. Massey’s artwork shines. The gouache, ink, and crayon illustrations are large and bright and depict cheery, round-faced toddlers who are perpetually in motion.” –School Library Journal

“This children’s book about twins is written for the 2-6 age range and features boy/girl twins. It’s a great choice if you’d like to spark a conversation with your children about how they can be individuals and still share a special twin bond. It’s also a good way to address some of the situations and comments your twins will receive because of being twins.” –Kate Phillipa Clark Read More

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