Blog Tour # 2

The blog tour continues.  What’s a blog tour? A blog tour gives those on the tour a chance to meet different authors by way of their blogs. The Next Big Thing began in Australia. Each week a different author answers specific questions about his or her upcoming book. The answers are posted on author’s blogs. Then we get to tag another author. On and on it goes. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Next Big Thing went around the world a couple of times. The tour came to me from Oregon.  I was tagged by my friend Eric Kimmel. He was tagged by his friend Pamela Smith.

Next up is Tanya Stone.  You can read her answers to the blog tour questions here.  It’s been fun doing this… a little like a relay race where one runner tosses the baton to the next.  Writers work alone so much of the time that we’re always devising ways to connect with each other, be it in person or virtually. Read Tanya’s blog to find out who she’s tossing the baton to, who’s waiting to take off up the track.