Illustrated by Amanda Haley,
Holiday House, 2012

Maia and her best friend, who happens to be a monster, are both becoming big sisters.
This is NOT good news!
A warm and funny story about friendship, family, and new siblings.


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“Maia rocks, tickles, and reads to Monster’s baby sister, while Monster does somersaults and makes goofy faces for Maia’s. Winthrop (The Biggest Parade) and Haley (Reading to Peanut) serve up two winning female characters and a message about friendship and girl power that feels both of-the-moment and deeply empathic. The quietly comedic, matter-of-fact prose is sympathetic to both characters’ considerable intelligence (“My mother says my baby sister is my new best friend,” complains Maia. “We are the friends,” Monster replies. “They are the babies”), while giving readers room to savor Haley’s expansive, cheerily colored scenes that exude a sense of nighttime magic.”
Publishers Weekly 

“Maia grumbles, “My mother says my baby sister is my new best friend,” and Monster responds knowingly, “WE are the friends. They are the babies.” Saturated in purple-hued haziness, acrylic paints and shadowy colored-pencil scenes locate the action in the cozy confines of Maia’s room. Monster’s childlike wardrobe and exuberant demeanor accommodate fur and fangs without any hint of fright.”
Kirkus Review