Illustrated by Salvatore Murdocca
Marshall Cavendish, 2003

I asked my granny to the zoo.
“I’d rather not,” she said.
“My nightie’s on, my teeth are out.
I think I’ll stay in bed.”


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But how can Granny refuse a nighttime party at the zoo? The lion has combed his hair, the elephant has had a bath, and all of the animals are expecting her!

After some gentle coaxing, Granny dons her purple dancing sneakers and is off to a magical moonlit party complete with waltzing bears and rhinos who rhumba before returning home with her very special granddaughter.

With simple rhymes, a rollicking pace and exuberant illustrations, DANCING GRANNY is sure to inspire some tapping toes while reminding us at the same time what a big difference one little girl can make in Granny’s life!

“Winthrop’s tempo is definitely upbeat, swinging readers along on an exuberant, imaginative journey. She packs the rhyming verses with enough tomfoolery to tickle readers’ funny bones. Lighthearted and fun, this whimsical tale will set little toes to tapping.”
-Kirkus Reviews